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Power Strip 6 Channel 5 Meters Elektra Power Strip 6 outlet 5m

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Product ID / Product ID: 0616023
Brand / Brand: Elektra / Erektra
Product Type / Product Type: Power Strips
Size  / Size : 5m / 5m
Number / Quantity: 4 people / 1  pc
  • Elektra power strip, plug size 6 channels, long version
  • 6 power outlets with 1 control switch and active status indicator
  • There is a 10 Amp fuse for cutting the circuit. When the power exceeds
  • Material for producing power plugs made of quality plastic Which does not have the property of the fire And highly durable
  • With genuine brass, good electrical conductivity
  • Maximum voltage of 220 volts, maximum current of 10 amps and maximum power of 2,000 watts
  • The outlet can be used in many different types of outlet.
  • There is a Reset Switch for cutting the circuit when the current is over
  • The power cord is insulated with 2 layers, up to 5 meters in length.
  • Safe And got the TIS standard
  • Suitable for use as an electrical passing device And temporarily connect the power cord length
  • warning
  • Should not use more than 2000 watts of power and should not plug in all channels for a long period of time.
  • Do not connect the power strip to the power strip together. Because it can cause harm
  • Turn off the switch and unplug it after every use.
  • While in use, must pull out all the coiled wires For good heat dissipation
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