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กระเช้าของขวัญ 3 All Purpose Gift Basket 3

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Product ID: 0801013
Brand / Brand: MAKRO
Product Type: Supplies / Consumable
Quantity Per Pack / Qty Per Pack: 1 ตะกร้า / 1 basket
  • Doi Kham Tomato with Mixed Fruit and Mocktail 1000ml
  • Doi Kham Passion Fruit 1000ml
  • Doi Kham Lou Han Gua Ginkgo (Monk Fruit) No Sugar Added 500ml
  • Doi Kham Chrysanthemum with Chamomile No Sugar Added 500ml
  • Doi Kham Tamarind with Honey 200ml
  • Doi Kham Jack Fruit and Mixed Fruit 60% with Honey 45ml
  • Doi Kham Lingzhi with Honey and Lemon 45ml
  • Doi Kham Mulberry Extract 45ml
  • Doi Kham Mangosteen Extract 45ml
  • Doi Kham Tomato Cherry Dried Fruit 140g
  • Doi Kham Dehydrated Cantaloupe 220g
  • Doi Kham Mango with Passion Fruit and Jam 220g
  • Doi Kham Instant Lemon Grass 10g x 12pcs
  • Doi Kham Longan Honey 230g
  • Doi Kham Tomato Ketchup 350g
  • Doi Kham Soy Milk with Coconut Jelly 250ml
  • Doi Kham Milk Flavoured Soy Milk Tablet 25g x 4pcs
  • Doi Kham Mixed Brown Rice 500g
  • Doi Kham Soymilk 100% 180g
  • Greentea (Angkhong Brands) 85g
  • Doi Tung Coffee Drip Medium Blend 60g
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